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Solar panel installation cost and everything you need to know.

Within one hour, the sun can provide the whole world with the amount of energy that is enough for one-year consumption. Using solar panels, you can convert that inexhaustible energy source into electricity, save more money on your family’s energy bills, and even earn some extra money. 

Read on to explore how solar panels can be the next invention you want for your home. 

Solar energy is becoming more popular due to its environment-friendly nature. Installing solar panels for a roof would take only two days, therefore, more people are being attracted to the idea of having this green solution for their families. 

Before learning more about solar panels, you should have a big picture of how energy from the sun can be used in daily life. 

  • In general, solar energy can be harnessed in different ways. For example, you can have your lighting system in the garden using this energy source. 

  • Passive solar energy is how you receive heat and light from the sun without the need of supporting equipment. All you need to do is finding the best way to welcome solar energy into your home. For instance, you can choose large windows and glass doors for your place. 

  • Solar water heating system uses the sun’s heat to boil your water. It can be installed on your roof and used along with your boiler on overcast days. 

  • Photovoltaic is the method of using solar panels to convert sunlight to electricity. A photovoltaic system is also called a solar PV system. 

Four types of solar energy

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Solid roof planning permission

Solar panels are made from semi-conducting material. More specifically, that is the material of cells that are layered to create solar panels.


The most common semi-conducting material used for solar panels is silicon, and typical systems contain 10 – 15 panels. 

The panels are set up on your roof to absorb sunlight and create a flow of electricity. They can also work on cloudy days but function more effectively when sunshine is strong, producing about 200 – 350W. 

After absorbing the sun’s energy, solar panels generate direct current (DC) electricity, which will be converted in the alternating current (AC) used in house by an inverter installed along the system. You can use the AC electricity for appliance in your house and export the unused to the grid. There would be times when the amount of electricity produced by solar panels is not enough, and you could draw electricity from the grid to keep your place warm and bright. 

What are solar panels?

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Every conservatory is unique and requires an individual roof replacement quote. Just answer a few quick questions to find out how much a solid roof would cost for your conservatory. It's quick and simple to get prices and compare options.

How long to install solar panels?

The installation procedure can be completed within two days. However, it might not be a wise idea to do it yourself since professionals have a comprehensive view of all the factors you need to take into account, such as different types of panels, the condition of your roof or additional features to the system. 

There will be several steps including the preparation before the installation day:

  • Before the installation, the solar panel company will assess the condition of your roof, its size, direction, and tilt angle. Based on the survey, they will create and hand to you a detailed plan for the installation.

  • On the installation day, scaffolding will be put around your house, roof hooks and rails will be installed, and solar panels will be connected to the rails. You won’t have to wait too long because the panels can start operating right after being set up.

  • After the panels are connected with your electricity supply, you can keep track of the amount of electricity generated by the panels by using a generation meter.

Lean-to conservatory with solid roof
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Is your roof large enough for solar panels?

An average system can produce 3 – 4kW, which require around 15 – 20m2 roof area. If your roof’s size is slightly smaller, our experts can help you find out whether you can install a solar panel system. 

Is your roof good suitable for a solar PV system?

Nobody can deny the importance of a roof in good quality. If your roof is too old and damaged, it may be a good idea to have it repaired or replaced before installing solar panels. 

Do you have a flat roof?

Flat roofs are becoming more common in the UK, and you can totally install solar panels on a flat roof with the support of additional equipment. A flat roof may have some drawbacks, for example, poor water drainage can be a problem for your family. However, they also come with advantages, such as faster and simpler installation and maintenance, and more cost saving since you need less material per square foot.  

30° - 40° is recommended for solar panel tilt angle. Speak with our experts and let them help you measure your roof to find the best possible angle.

What is the best roof direction for solar panels?

Lean to conservatory with solid roof

If your roof faces South, congratulations, you’re having the best roof direction for a PV system. East and West facing roofs are not ideal, but they only increase 15 – 20% of sun energy you can receive. 

Solar panels wouldn’t be the right solution for your family only if you owned a roof facing North.

What is the best roof direction for solar panels?

In fact, there are many objects that can cause roof shading and reduce the efficiency of your solar panels. They could be trees, chimneys, or higher buildings next to your place.

Don’t worry too much if you don’t have the best position for your panels. As long as you own an appropriate roof direction, you can install optimiser tools along solar panels to reduce negative impacts of unfriendly factors causing roof shading. 

Make sure you can receive as much sunlight as possible during the peak period of daylight, which normally is between 10am and 4pm.

Solid Roof Conservatory Cost. Save Energy

A new solid conservatory roof can help save you money on energy bills. Independent research by AECOM found that homeowners could save £200 every year on an average U.K. property.

The energy savings are just one of many benefits that help off-set the cost of a new solid conservatory roof replacement.

Conservatories with a tiled roof have better energy efficiency and can save you money on heating bills.

Different types of solar panels

There are three common types of solar panels for domestic use. 

  • Mono crystalline panels are made from silicon crystallised into a single crystal. They are the most efficient type with the efficiency of 15 – 24%. However, they are also the most expensive type and may not be the options for the majority. 

  • Polycrystalline panels come with the efficiency of 13 – 20%. They consist of a block of crystallised silicon in the form of multiple crystals. Their cost is slightly lower than that of mono crystalline silicon panels, so they are a more affordable solution for families. 

  • Amorphous silicon cells have the lowest efficiency, but they can work in poor lighting condition, and their performance has been improved over time. They are made from thin layers of silicon on a supporting surface made from glass, flexible plastic, or metal.

Find out how much a solid roof will cost for your conservatory. Get an instant quote now.

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