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Double glazing costs and benefits. The complete guide.

Families all across the UK are looking for more sustainable energy solutions such as using renewable heating systems like ground source heat pumps or air source heat pumps. At the same time, many of them cannot actualise their plan because of poor insulation in their home. According to Energy Saving Trust, your windows may be responsible for 18% of heat loss in your house, and single glazed windows can lose heat twice as fast as double glazing. On the other hand, by replacing single glazing with double glazing, a typical gas-heated home can save up to £155 each year.

This article will provide you with the most essential information about double glazing windows, such as their cost of purchase and installation, benefits in terms of energy and finance, maintenance steps and guidance for further tips to pick the right windows for your home.

Double glazing has become more popular since the last quarter of the 20th century. These windows consist of two glass panes that accompany argon gas between them. The gas plays the role of a thermal insulation layer, helping the windows reduce heat transfer.

On cold days, double glazing can save you time and money spent on heating up your place. Meanwhile, during hot times, those windows can help protect you from the outside heat so that you don’t have to be too dependent on fans and air conditioners.

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What are double glazed windows?


By replacing single glazing with double glazing, a typical gas-heated home can save up to £155 each year.

How much does double glazing cost?

The average cost of double glazing ranges from £400 to £900 per window. However, this cost can increase if you choose high-end materials or larger windows.


The overall cost of double glazing can vary depending on many factors such as:

Window or Door Size

The size of the window or door is one of the most significant factors affecting double glazing cost. Larger windows or doors will generally cost more than smaller ones.

Frame Material

The frame material is another factor that can affect the cost of double glazing. UPVC frames are generally the most affordable, while aluminium and timber frames are more expensive.

Number of Panes

Double glazing windows or doors can have two, three, or even four panes of glass. The more panes you have, the more energy-efficient your windows will be, but the cost will also increase.

Additional Features

Additional features such as decorative glass, security locks, and ventilation can also affect the cost of double glazing.

Window styles and costs

Different styles of windows can also affect the total cost you have to pay. You can pick one or several styles of windows for your home based on your preference and the functions of the windows in different rooms.

Fixed windows

can’t be opened or closed, so their only function is to brighten up your place. However, they are the easiest type of windows to install. One fixed window’s cost is around £150 – £300.

Casement windows

are installed with hinges on one side and can be opened outwards. The supply cost for a window of this type is between £250 – £400.

Sliding windows

are pricier than casement windows as they can save more space in your house. Each sliding window would cost around £450 - £1000.

Sash windows

are vertical sliding windows. You may need to pay £500 - £900 for each of them.

Tilt and turn windows

are the most flexible kind of windows as they can be opened fully like a casement window in an inward direction and can be tilted from the bottom to increase safety and ventilation for your room. This kind of window costs between £400 – £600.

Installation time and cost

Installation time and price depend on various factors.

Window size

  • It would cost you around £150 to fit a small window.

  • A larger window can cost around £300 since it’s harder to install and it requires two people to work together.

The number of windows

Obviously, the more windows you want, the more money you need to spend on labour cost since it requires a longer working time.

  • To install four windows, it would take installers a day to complete their job and cost you about £180.

  • To install eight windows, it would cost you about £250.

  • To install twelve to eighteen windows, you may need to spend about £400.

Window styles

The style of your window can make the installation process simpler or more complicated.

  • A small casement window can be installed in an hour.

  • A bay window or skylight requires more complicated work, thus, could take up to a day to fit.

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Consultant - Solid Conservatory Roof Costs. Conservatory Roof Quote

Every home is unique and requires an individual quote. Just answer a few quick questions to find out how much double glazing will cost for your home. It's quick and simple to get prices and compare options.

Homes with double glazed windows and doors have better energy efficiency and can save you money on heating bills.

Solid Roof Conservatory Cost. Save Energy

How much can you save with double glazing?

UK Government website compared the amount of money you can save by replacing your entire single glazed windows with different types of double-glazing windows. A-rated windows have the best performance in terms of energy efficiency, followed by B and C-rated windows

  • Among different types of houses, detached houses benefit from double glazing windows the most. A-rated windows can save a detached house £120 – £155 a year, and C-rated windows can save it at least £105 a year.

  • On average, a semi-detached house owner can save around £100 each year using double glazing windows.

  • Mid-floor flats come in last place since C-rated windows can save a flat of that kind at least £35 a year.


How much energy can double glazing save you?

Double glazed windows are ranked from G to A++, with A++ being the highest level of energy efficiency. In the long run, double glazing can save you money spent on energy bills although the upfront costs can be high.

Typically, manufacturers offer a 10-year guarantee on double glazing. When doing your research, calculate the amount of money you can save with your new windows in at least 10 years to decide the energy efficiency rate you want to choose for your windows.

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Are double glazed windows worth it?

Overall, double glazing windows offer a better insulation solution for houses. Moreover, those windows can benefit your home in different ways.

Reducing energy bills

The UK doesn’t have nice and welcoming weather. People who live here face many cold and humid days when they need to find a way to stay warm and dry.

Double glazing windows prevent heat loss, therefore can take the pressure off your heating system and save you around £110 each year on energy bills.

Due to the increased energy efficiency that double glazed windows offer, they're an ideal addition alongside other upgrades such as: air source heat pumps, new boiler replacements or solid conservatory roofs.

Creating a healthy living environment

Low-quality windows would cause condensation which is the reason for damp and black mould in many houses. Once mould shows up on walls and corners in your house, it has to be removed because you are more likely to have respiratory problems, allergies or asthma.

High-quality double glazing can prevent condensation and reduce the risk of damp and black mould. This advantage of double glazed windows benefits everyone, especially children, elderly people and people with existing health problems or a weakened immune system.

Decreasing noise

Today, windows have more responsibilities than before. Apart from preventing draughts from sneaking into your home, good windows can also reduce noise from your neighbours and the streets around your place.

When outside noises hit windows, they cause vibration. Two glass panes of double glazing windows lower the amount of vibration, decreasing noise better than single glazing windows. Additionally, as the two glass panes are separated by the argon gas, they don’t contact each other directly and, therefore, the noise is lessened.

Increasing the property value

Keep this in mind if you plan to put your house on the market in the future: Since 80% of house buyers are requiring that their new places must have double glazed windows, these windows can raise property value up to 10%. It’s understandable that buyers have that request because proper double glazed windows can benefit properties in many ways. Apart from the advantages mentioned above, they can make a house look better, last for at least 10 years while their maintenance costs are not too high.

Secondary glazing, double glazing, and triple glazing windows

Different types of windows may cause confusion for customers. Many families that want to upgrade their places need to distinguish between secondary glazing, double glazing and triple glazing windows, as well as their benefits and costs.

  • Unlike double glazing, a secondary glazing window has only one layer of glass put inside of your existing window. This option is more affordable than double glazed windows and still comes with features like noise and heat loss reduction. However, it’s more like a temporary choice and will need to be replaced with more long-lasting options like double or triple glazing.

  • The name “triple glazing” already indicates that this type of window offers better noise and heat loss reduction thanks to three panes of glass. U-value is the score that indicates the effectiveness of insulation. The scores of double and triple glazing show that triple glazed windows can be two times better than double glazing in decreasing heat release. As a result, the cost of triple glazed windows is higher than that of double glazing, making them the options for families with a big budget.

  • Double glazing windows can prevent heat loss and reduce noise better than secondary glazed windows. At the same time, they are more affordable than triple glazing. If you are not living in a super noisy area with extreme hot and cold weather, you may not need triple glazed windows. Instead of spending too much money on them, you can put your trust in double glazing windows. In fact, triple glazing windows are more popular in countries in Northern Europe, such as Norway or Sweden, where winter is much harder than in the UK.

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Who should you contact: local or national installers?

Both local and national installers have their advantages:

  • Local installers are near to your place. They know the area you live well so that you can save more time when working with them. Moreover, they can probably be more of personal service and offer you cheaper deals, saving you more money on your new windows.

  • National installers are more well-known so that you can put your trust in them. Additionally, keep an eye on national companies since they offer promotions and discounts occasionally.

We recommend comparing quotes and options from up to three installers to help ensure that you get the best deal all round. You can use the Green Energy Compare quote tool to get quick prices from local and national double glazing installers that service your local area.

Get an instant tailored quote from a double glazing expert near you.

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Types of glass

There are four main types of glass you can use for your double glazed windows:

  • Annealed or float glass is the basic type of glass for windows. Producers harden the glass by heating it and letting it get cold slowly. Annealed or float glass is the cheapest option and is still quite strong and difficult to break.

  • Toughened or tempered glass is three or four times tougher than float glass and is a more expensive option.

  • Laminated glass is the kind of glass with the PVB (polyvinyl butyal) laminate which makes your windows more secure. If the glass is broken, it will stick to the laminate.

  • Noise-reduction glass acoustic inner layers of PVB that are able to absorb sound. If you still want to have a better soundproof effect, you can use layers of glass with different thicknesses.

Frame materials

There are three types of materials you can consider using for your windows frames.

  • uPVC is the most common material for double glazing frames since it’s affordable and long-lasting. To install a casement double glazed window with uPVC frames, you are supposed to pay between £250 to £900.

  • Aluminium frames are more expensive than uPVC ones and could cost you around £500 to £1000.

  • The most expensive material is wood. Wooden frames for a casement window can take about £850 – £1500.

Frame colours

The material of your window frames doesn’t limit your frame colour to just white. You can consider alternative colours for your frame and pay an extra amount of money for that.

  • A typical white-frame window costs around £300 – £500.

  • A grey-frame window costs around £400 – £600.

  • A black-frame window takes you around £400 - £700.

  • A window that has frames with wood grain effect costs around £600 - £800.

When should you repair or replace double glazed windows?

Blown windows

When you notice fog between the two glass panes and you can’t remove the condensation, it’s time to contact an expert who can help you with this.

The preparation can be simple or complex. If the professional window fitter can detach the glass layers from their frame and replace them, the cost for new panes and installation will be between £40 - £150.

Sometimes, your current windows may steam up because the seal or the frame has been broken. In this case, the entire window may need to be replaced, and the cost will be higher. Let our experts know the situation so that we can help you find the best way to fix it.

Broken hinges

If you find it hard to close or open your window, maybe you need help with your hinges. Fortunately, replacing broken hinges is not difficult and doesn’t take up too much time, and you will need to pay your window fitter £60 - £80.

Broken handles

Just like window hinges, window handles may stop working properly one day and need to be replaced. The whole process including buying new handles and installing them can cost about £20 - £50.

Removing double glazing windows

Apart from labour costs, you may need to pay for waste removal if you want to replace your current windows with new ones. In most cases your installer will take away your old windows or doors when installing your new ones. When comparing prices and options through you can find out which installers will take your old windows and doors for free.  

If however you choose to install your own windows, you'll need to dispose of the old ones. 

A waste removal company will charge you around £70 – £160 to collect your old windows.

You can also separate different parts of your windows and bring them to the nearest recycling point. This way will take you more time, but you won’t need to pay any extra fee.

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Double glazing maintenance

To keep your windows in good condition for a long time, you need to take care of them with occasional maintenance. The good news is that the maintenance cost for double glazing windows is not expensive.

Resealing cost

Over time, the seal gets old and cannot prevent draughts from getting through.

To reseal a window, you will need to pay a professional about £50 – £90.

Cleaning windows

Cleaning windows is simple and should be done to prevent mould and dirt build-up.

The frames of double glazing windows are often made from uPVC, which is good at insulation, noise reduction and condensation prevention. If you have uPVC frames, you should clean them with uPVC solvent cleaner which costs no more than £7 per bottle. Meanwhile, to clean timber or aluminium frames and glass panes, you shouldn’t use hard chemical liquids to avoid harmful effects.

Lubricating a Window

Lubricating is a part of door and window maintenance. You can use a silicone spray that would cost a few pounds to keep your windows functioning well over time.

Crack double glazing windows

Although double glazing hardly cracks, sometimes old windows still suffer from that if they face extreme weather conditions. Furthermore, windows in kitchens and bathrooms are more vulnerable because of the high temperature and humidity in those rooms.

If you notice that your windows crack, we can help you assess the situation to see if you should repair or replace your current windows.

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  • Do I need planning permission for a solid roof conservatory?
    In most cases, a solid roof replacement on a conservatory will not need planning permission. You will need to ensure that the conservatory structure is sound before installing a new solid tiled roof. Your installer will survey your conservatory before installing a new roof in most cases. You can speak to a conservatory expert free of charge to discuss your conservatory.
  • How much does a Solid Conservatory Roof cost
    The cost of a solid roof conservatory can vary greatly depending in size, materials, internal and external finishes and more. The best way to get an exact price and be sure of getting the best deal is to use our free quote service. We will connect you with up to three local conservatory experts for a tailored solid roof replacement quotation. This way you can compare prices, services and warranties to be sure that you get the best all round deal.
  • Can I replace my current roof with a solid tiled roof?
    Yes, you can replace your current roof with a solid roof on most conservatory frames. Once we've connected you with a local expert, they will carry our a free survey for you to ensure that your conservatory structure can take the extra weight. In some rare cases, strengthening can be required before a new roof is goes on.
  • Are solid conservatory roofs worth it?
    A solid conservatory roof has many benefits and is well worth the cost for many people. Putting a tiled roof on your conservatory is a great way to increase the usable living space of your home, but the benefits don't stop there. A solid roof is seen by many as a worthwhile home improvement for the overall value that it adds to your home. It's also a way to make your home more energy efficient because a solid roof helps retain heat in the winter and keep the space cool in the summer. Many home buyers see a solid roof conservatory as a huge plus, due to the extra space that can be in full use as part of the home.
  • What are the benefits of replacing a conservatory roof with a solid roof?
    There are many benefits to replacing a conservatory roof with a solid foof. Here are some examples of the benefits. 1) Create more living space that can be used all year round. A solid roof conservatory becomes a true part of your home and can be used all year round. 2) A solid roof conservatory retains the heat in the winter while staying cool in the summer. 3) Solid roof conservatories make your home more energy efficient by keeping the heat in and the cold air outside. 4) A solid roof conservatory is a great investment for your home. Not only does it improve lifestyle but can also add value to your home. 5) Solid roof conservatory cost. A solid roof conservatory costs less than other types of extension while still providing a real living space. 6) Replacing a conservatory roof with a solid roof doesn't usually require planning permission. This means the solid roof replacement can be quick and stress free. 7) Solid roof conservatories can have many interior finishes. It's easy to see why replacing a conservatory roof with a solid roof has become a popular choice for homeowners across the U.K. There is no shortage of great solid roof conservatory reviews.
  • What is the best type of roof for a conservatory?
    The best roof for a conservatory depends on how the space will be used. A solid roof turns a conservatory into a real living space that can be used as part of the home all year round. In effect, a solid roof conservatory is an extension of your home. So, if you want to extend your home and make full use of the space, a solid roof is the best option. A glass roof is creates a light space that can be enjoyed on those cooler days. Glass roofs do not usually offer the same level of insulation as a solid roof, so can still get very cool in the winter months. It's also worth keeping in mind that glass is not the best option for south facing conservatories as they can become unbearably hot in the summer months. Poly carbonate roofs offer a cost effective solution for conservatories as a glass alternative. There is very little insulation, so the space can become very cold has has little noise reduction. It is not the best option if you want to use your conservatory as a real living space but, as a utility room a polycarbonate roof could be a good option.
  • What is a solid conservatory roof?
    Conservatories with a solid roof are up to 15 times more thermally efficient than a standard polycarbonate conservatory roof. Solid roof conservatories also reduce noise, retain heat, keep the room cool in the winter and improve security. Most importantly, for the cost of a solid roof on your conservatory, you get a real extension to your home that can be used all year round. A solid roof conservatory is usually a tiled roof. The tile options vary depending on budget and how the room will be used. The standard tile options are usually either standard slate or composite economical replica tiles which are lightweight and offer great value for money. Glass or panels can also be included as part of the roof. Since all conservatories are different, It's best to discuss your options with an expert to find out which option is right for you.
  • How do I replace my glass conservatory roof with a solid roof?
    To replace your conservatory roof with a solid roof just use our quote tool Once you've completed the quick form a conservatory expert will contact you to confirm your needs. They will inform you of your options and organise quotes for you from local experts. Replacing a conservatory roof with a solid roof is usually a simple process that does not require planning permission. Solid roof conservatories are a cost effective way to extend your home.
  • I'm looking for solid conservatory roof installers near me. Can you help?
    Yes, we have a panel of solid conservatory roof installers nationwide. Where ever you are in the U.K. we will most likely have installers near you. We match our customers with local installers, this insures that your quote is accurate and that you have an expert near you before, during and after the work has been completed. If you want to find an installer near you, just get a quote and we will match you with a local installer.
  • Can I have a lean to conservatory with a solid roof?
    Yes, you can replace your lean to conservatory roof with a solid tiled roof. Solid roofs can be installed on most conservatory types. Lean to conservatories are a popular choice of conservatory and a solid roof can look stylish and modern.

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